Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Have you heard of P90X? The revolutionary exercise program that rapidly changes your body due to its rigorous regimen. And it all happens in just 90 days!

Well, I'm challenging myself- and you, too, if you accept- to a spiritual exercise program that I'm calling B90X. I heard about this idea through Raising Olives, and decided I would indeed read through the Bible this year- in 90 days! That's right, the entire Bible in 90 days!

Just as P90X (purportedly, because I haven't actually tried it myself...) rapidly changes your physical body, I'm excited about making concrete changes in my spiritual life- my walk with Jesus- that are dramatic, long-lasting, and disciplined.

So are you with me? Ready to get serious about your relationship with Jesus in 2010?

I'll be tracking and reflecting on my reading here. I won't be purchasing the 90 day Bible. Instead, I plan on printing off the reading plan and reading on my computer while I'm nursing, during the girls' quiet time, or after they go to bed... whenever I can read without distraction but with clarity of mind!